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Quality Systems and Technology

Wolverine Coil Spring understands the importance of uninterrupted production at our customers’ facilities.  Wolverine’s product quality must meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.  To achieve this in the most efficient manner possible, Wolverine invests time and attention to the product and process design at the very outset of the customers’ assembly requirements, including robust FMEA and PPAP processes.  Wolverine compliments this initial investment with state-of-the-art vision system prevention and detection systems.

- Automated Cycle Testing -

Vision Check on Spring

Automated load cells and Keyence vision measuring systems quickly and accurately assess product force and dimensional parameters. These highly efficient technologies are another example of how Wolverine remains cost competitive in today’s global manufacturing environment.

When zero-defects is not just a goal but an essential requirement, Wolverine is capable of assuring as-it-goes-in-the-box final detection and prevention vision system checks.


Highly precise cycle testing assures Wolverine’s products will meet or exceed the agreed upon cycle requirements.


Wolverine’s Quality Management System is registered to the ISO-9001 and IATF16949 quality standards.

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