Wire sizes range from .005" to .250" (.125mm to 6.4mm) 

Quality check utilizing vision check system 

Wire sizes range from .005" to .250" (.125mm to 6.4mm)


Multiple hook configurations to meet your assembly needs.

Sound dampening: 

Plastic mesh 

Plastisol dip 

Design solutions 

Round or square wire.

Wire sizes range from .005" to .250" (.125mm to 6.4mm)

Unlimited design options:

Straight legs 

Custom-formed legs 

Double torsion bodies 

Coil body pinch

Electronic, sensor-controlled free position

Color coded left-hand and right-hand designs for easy visual separation

Secondary Operations
  • Stress-relieving 

  • Grinding 

  • Shot peening

  • Corrosion protective plating

  • Industrial washing and part cleaning to various industry specifications

Market Segments

Wolverine Coil Spring's products and services extend to a broad range of industries. Our influence is especially notable in the automotive, office furniture, appliance, medical, home furnishing and construction market segments.